Having any animal pee on the floor is gross, and it can be extremely frustrating for pet parents who can't figure out why their cat keeps doing it. If you've cleaned up one too many pee puddles courtesy of your cat, here are some good ideas on how to make them stop doing it.

1. Clean Thoroughly

One of the first things you need to do is to clean the area extremely well and thoroughly. This can be one of the hardest stopping blocks for pet parents because they're up against the powerful noses of their cats.

First of all, you need to remove all traces of the urine itself. If you have a carpet, this means that you may need to pull it up to replace the pad. Once all the residue is removed, an enzymatic cleaner should be used to break down the proteins found in a cat's urine. This is the only way to permanently and completely get rid of the smell of the cat's urine that will make them do it all over again.

2. Move Food Bowl

Once you've cleaned the area, immediately place a food bowl right where your cat urinated and put some food in it that your cat likes.

Cats will make an effort to never urinate or defecate where their food bowl is. This is because, in the wild, the smell of defecation or urination could potentially attract predators. So, if your cat realizes that it's receiving its meals there, they won't try to go there again. After a while, you can try to remove the bowl when there's no food currently waiting to see if your cat still avoids the spot.

3. Consider Alternatives

If you've been to a standard veterinarian already and haven't gotten anywhere with this problem, it might be time to think about visiting an alternate pet medical practitioner.

There are many ways to treat pets for problems that can't be achieved at most veterinarian's offices. Stress-relieving therapies like acupuncture or Reiki energy healing might be a good way of calming your cat down, so it doesn't go inappropriately anymore. These practitioners work with a pet's natural energy to help bring it back into balance. Many pets experience extreme relaxation during these procedures, so give them a try if your cat just won't stop going on the floor.

Cats can end up peeing on the floor for a lot of reasons. If your vet hasn't found anything wrong, talk to an alternative practitioner who may have some insights your vet doesn't. You can click to read more about alternative pet therapy.