From increasing exercise and play to providing your dog with something to pass their time, toys can be a great investment. Of course, choosing from the various types of toys, such as balls, discs, ropes, and squeaky toys, can be overwhelming. Thankfully, help is available when you are shopping for toys for your dog. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when selecting toys for your dog.

Buying the Wrong Size

Most people are surprised to learn that size matters when it comes to shopping for dog toys. When you visit a pet store or pet department in a discount store, most toys are organized by size, which is important for a few reasons.

Small dogs are not capable of carrying or chewing on toys that are sized too big for their bodies. Therefore, you would avoid buying a chihuahua a toy designed for a large-breed dog.

On the other hand, if you buy a large-breed dog a toy that is sized for a small or miniature breed dog, the toy may be small enough to move into the back of your dog's throat. This increases the risk of swallowing the toy whole or choking on the toy, which could be life-threatening.

Not Replacing Toys

Toys that are thrown and chewed on are not going to last forever, so if they are showing any signs of distress, they should be disposed of and replaced immediately.

Your dog may continue chewing and playing with the toy as long as possible. Unfortunately, small bits of the toy will break off and most likely be swallowed by your dog.

If you notice bits of the toy are starting to break off or wear down or string and stuffing is coming loose from the toy, dispose of it and purchase a new toy for your dog.

Buying Stuffed Animals/Toys

If you visit your local pet shop or discount retailer, there will be a large selection of stuffed animals and toys. While they can be cute and fun for your dog, stuffed animals and stuffed toys can actually be dangerous.

As your dog chews on the toy, the exterior shell may come apart, causing the actual stuffing to fall out. You may notice small traces of the stuffing around your home if the toy has worn out. Your dog will try to chew on the stuffing just like they chew on the toy, but the stuffing may be swallowed, irritating the throat and digestive system.

If possible, avoid giving your dog stuffed animals/toys.

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